Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jasper Carrot - Brummie Comedian

If any of you were wondering what my accent is like, here is clip of a famous comedian called Jasper Carrot, who like me is from Birmingham and so has a similar accent (I talk a bit posher, cause I'm a teacher!)

You will learn something about two very well-known stores in Britain, Argos and Woolworths, and what people in the regions think of London.

By the way, pick'n'mix is the self service sweet counter.

'innit' is an even more contracted version of 'isn't it?'

'bloke' is like 'guy' in British English

'nicked' is a slang word for 'stole' or 'stolen'

'spud' is slang for 'potato' but here is used as an insult for an Irishman (they eat a lot of potatoes in Ireland).


Anonymous said...

the only brummie that would ever say "starff" as opposed to "staff" is either a fake one or is one that is ashamed of heritage. jasper needs to apologize to the people of the midlands and grow up

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Definitively this is the best comedian ever! I really admire him because he creates his own jokes

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I must admit this is a very funny accent! He speaks very weird and I think that is one of the reasons why he is a famous comedian

4rx said...

haha seriously someone ask you about your accent ? xD
Well i never make a video clip because my voice on video sounds weird i don't like it, i also speak english but my accent is kind of funny.