Thursday, March 02, 2006

What makes a good teacher?

Do you remember the teachers you had when you were in school? Perhaps you only remember one or two. Why have these ones stuck in your memory, while the others have slipped away? I'll tell you about one teacher who made a big impact on me when I was about eleven. His name was Mr.Wilkes. I loved him because he had endless enthusiasm about the subjects he taught. His lessons were never boring. What made him such a good teacher? For me he was more than a teacher. He was someone who had done other things than working in a school all his life. He had travelled, seen the world, met interesting people. So he had stories to tell. I used to listen to him with awe every time he talked about his experiences. I especially loved doing history and geography, because he was able to make them come alive with his own personal stories.
I hope you will find a language teacher like him, it could radically improve your chances of success.

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