Monday, March 06, 2006

A great way to learn English!

After a lot of reflection about the best way to learn English, and after having read the ideas of ESL professionals like Scrivener and Kauffman, I have finally found the perfect solution to all your language learning needs. Most ESL teachers agree that the only way to make to progress is exposure to English as often as possible, real English in real contexts, not artificial classroom English based on grammar practice.

The Archers is the solution! What is it? It's a BBC soap opera that runs every day on radio four. A soap opera by the way is a series based on people's lives, with usually several stories running simultaneously. The Archers is broadcast on the internet so anyone with a good connection can listen everyday, from anywhere in the world.

Listen to the Archers every day, and read the related articles. You will begin to learn real English in real situations. You won't ever need to buy another textbook.

Start listening to the Archers right now by clicking on this link:

Here's some advice:

  • Read the synopsis of the episode first.
  • Listen to the programme.
  • Don't be discouraged if you find it hard to understand, that's normal.
  • Try to listen for the key words used in the synopsis.
  • Listen again and take a note of words or expressions you didn't understand.
  • Use a dictionary to check new words.

good luck and happy listening!

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