Tuesday, March 07, 2006

English too difficult? Try Globish

It's the latest thing in international communication. Remember Esperanto? It was supposed to become the world's language so we could all understand each other and be one big happy global family. It didn't work. Nobody wanted to learn an artificial language when there are already thousands of perfectly good languages spoken by real people. Today, most people in the world use English to communicate internationally. But English, just like most languages, is full of idioms, is impossible to know how to pronounce a word from its spelling and has all those fiddly modal verbs that are so difficult master. So one day someone invented the word globish. Just like "brunch" (breakfast + lunch) Globish is derived from "global" and "English".

Globish is refreshingly free of idioms. You just use the words that everybody understands, of which there are only about 1500. You can get the list of these 1500 words at this site:http://perso.wanadoo.fr/yvanbaptiste/audioglob/index.htm

And the good news for you French speakers is that half of the words you know from French. Here I go again about Latin words in English...
In the first 21 words beginning with "a" I found able, accept, account, accident, act, accuse, activist, actor, add, administration, admit, adult, advertisement(un faux ami mais quand même utile),affect, afraid(effrayé)
; no less than 15 or 66% have the same roots as the equivalent French word.

So globish is the way forward in international communication. If everyone in the world had at least these 1500 words in English, then Globish itself could start to evolve into a real, sophisticated language with all the nuances and subtleties of English, French etc...

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